Available Conference

Scultura is an annual conference held for researchers working in the field of social, cultural and legal studies to be able to present and publish the results of their research and studies so that they can have an impact on changes and better society, culture and law movements.

This event is carried out asynchronously while still paying attention to the principles of scientific implementation in a virtual conference room which we call the Neoconferencium.

The steps that must be taken in this Neoconferencium are:

  1. You must be registered with the Neoconferencium register.
  2. Inside the Neoconferencium, you will find two virtual rooms; a) main room, and b) panel discussion room.
  3. In the main room, the speaker will find the delivery of material from the keynote speaker delivered via video recording.
  4. Each keynote speaker opens a discussion session that allows you to ask questions related to the material presented.
  5. You can ask questions according to the material presented. In the question, some people make it possible to reply to the question and give their statement.
  6. To get a certificate as a conference participant, you are required to answer a number of questions related to the material presented by the keynote speaker. The minimum score limit is applied in this assessment.
  7. In the panel discussion room, each speaker has his own discussion topic space.
  8. In terms of debriefing, the process is the same as in the main room.

Each research presented in this Neoconferencium has the right to be published in accordance with the agreement of the organizers.